Hi Everyone! My name is Stephanie Rose & I am the CEO of Rose Rags Thrift.

Rose Rags Thrift is an online consignment shop. Built around AFFORDABILITY for both Men, Women, & Kids fashion.

As a person in the fashion community, it is known to own both trendy and everyday wear in our wardrobe. Of course, with time, trends, styles & our sizes change… (although half the time, we do not like to admit that.)

After sharing my thrifting skills & giving large bags filled with clothing & shoes away to friends and donation centers, I decided it was time for me to finally re-Tag all newly & loved items I’ve owned in the past. 

Giving life back to an item & a presenting it to a new “home” is ALWAYS our goal.

Our goal is to re-invent the word… Thrift into a world where people should not be ashamed or embarrassed to shop in. Our goal is to make Rose Rags just as trendy, popular & luxurious as any chain retailer but with a spin on the price tag! With prices starting at just $1.00.

We launched Rose Rags Thrift in November 10th, 2018. We celebrated with a pop-up grand opening party followed by a Thrift Fashion Show! We participate during NYFW showcasing all new trends for ready-to-re-wear looks! 

At The End Of Each Month, Rose Rags Will Donate 10% Of all Proceeds Made That Month To A Charity Of Its Choosing. We also share our donation from time to time on our instagram page! @roseragsthrift
Our list of Charities for Donations:
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Children’s Aid Society
SAGE- Senior Action in a Gay Environment 
The NY Foundling Org.

We here at Rose Rags Thrift hope you enjoy the shop! We do have a Facebook page for reviews AND direct messenger service to chat with one of our team members! Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns. 

Stephanie Rose